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humpback whale rescue
Humpback whale rescue
Scarborough Beach

Whale watching Perth Oct & Nov

Fishing Perth


Frog photo by Ben on rainy
night walk home from 04 School play.

In The Sand Dunes



Snakes. (not common)

Sea Gulls

Pink & Grey Galahs

Blue tongued bobtail goanna

Bird watching Perth


Trigg Bushland Coastal Conservation Nature Reserve Perth

scarborough beach playground.jpg (31207 bytes)
One of several playgrounds just behind the beach dunes.  Free gas barbecues, facilities and services are only a few metres away.  At night rabbits hop out of these dunes to feed on the lush lawn.  February 2000 I sighted two foxes by the bbq near the Brighton Beach kiosk .  Bob tail goannas frequent the dune paths.  Fishing from the beach is excellent as is wave shape when winter storms drive up the sand banks.

Scarborough by night


Norfolk Island Pine

Trigg Figs


Sunflowers and Morning Glory growing wild, mid summer on a vacant Brighton Beach block

Road verge flowers

Daisies flowering in Spring.

View from Scarborough kindergarten

Beach dunes and Indian Ocean

Swim between flags. Photo of Scarborough beach environment on a crowed day.

Public Parks, Scarborough, Perth

Sustainable Cities

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