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SCARBOROUGH BEACH Perth Western Australia

scarborough beach perth western australia

Police By Telephone:

Dial 000 For life threatening emergencies.

For Police attendance dial  9222 1111.

To contact your nearest Police Station dial 131 444.

Crime Stoppers. 
1800 333 000

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Police arrived within seconds to detain suspects after alleged thefts, spitting on produce and thrown vase smashed into a shoppers stomach.
Crime in the Community: Victims, Offenders and Fear of Crime

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Scarborough Beach Home

Following is a list of JPs who VOLUNTEER to serve the people of Scarborough.

Mr Sean Gregory Brealey   9341 1712

Mrs Yvonne Lynette Davis   9341 8940

Mr John Oswald Grace   9341 4064

Mr Richard Conrad Paul Hill  9245-1234

Mrs Patricia Anne Lee  Business Phone: 9245-2441

Mr David Fred Manners  Business Phone: 9341 1756

Mrs Helen Mae Mcaullay   9341 4848

Mr Wayne Markham Mccurry   9245 1924 M: 0411 240 340

Mr Peter Norman Kingsley Mcleod   9245 7189

Mr Albert John Myers   9245 0800 M: 0438 180 936

Mr Robert Newton   9341 5391

Mr Geoffrey Malcolm Paddick  9341 7421

Mr Joseph Anthony Tassone  Business Phone: 9341 7171


Chirag Shah, "Scarborough 7 Day Chemist" near Scarborough Post Office. 92451950