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Telephoning From Scarborough

International calls and National calls are most cheaply done with phone cards or VOIP. Discount landline calls apply for most telcos for local "Neighbourhood" calls.  See Cheap phone calls Australia wide.

At present I only have the following Telstra local call number information which I believe costs 17 cents per un-timed call:

  • 9205(0-1)

  • 92056

  • 9245

  • 92650(2-3)

  • 93405(5-7)

  • 93409(6-7)

  • 9341

  • 94416(4-5)

The telephone exchange is located in Stanley Street, Scarborough.  It is operated by Telstra (formerly Post Master General) which provides line access to other telcos such as Optus.

Telephoning to Scarborough

When calling a Scarborough telephone number from overseas the:
Country code prefix is: 61
Area code prefix is: 8
Scarborough is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (UCT) and approximately 3 hours (depending on summer time or not) behind the eastern states of Australia.

There are a number of mobile telephone transponders on top of the tallest building in Scarborough, the Rendezvous Observation City.  At March 02, it was my judgement that Telstra offered stronger and clearer reception  than other telcos, at my location at the southern end of the Esplanade.

Data / Internet

Common dial-up data rate via standard landline is nominally 56 kbps max and usually about 46 to 52 kbs depending how close you are to the Stanley Street telephone exchange and other conditions of the day. Broadband ADSL is available and better hotels / motels.  I can recommend "BeachFront"  Current rates for ADSL are up-to 1,500 kbps with data cap or 256kbps unlimited usage.
Telstra $19090

Broadband is also available via mirowave dishes and some of the telcos provide PCMCIA cards for broadband internet @ about $100 per month.

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